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Flooring Types

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is one complete piece of wood from top to bottom, available in several different species of woods all with different characteristics and colours.

Solid hardwood is available in two different types of finishes:- Pre-finished or Unfinished

Pre-finished Solid

Pre-finished flooring requires no sanding therefore can be walked on the day it is fitted. Suppled in random lengths that are tongue and grooved and end matched with a micro bevelled edge. Boards are usually 18.5 mm thick. The recommended method of laying is by secret nailing to joists battens or a suitable existing floor.

Unfinished Solid

There is a wide range of unfinished solid flooring.Unfinished flooring must be sanded and sealed once installed and should last in excess of 100 years in domestic situations.

Hardwood Block Flooring

It is the classic beauty of a hardwood floor that reflects the best of traditional flooring techniques.

Blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns, this reflecting a lifestyle as well as complementing any surroundings.

Block flooring is suitable for use in areas that are subject to wheeled traffic and are therefore ideally suited to schools,gymnasiums,restaurants and dance floors, as well as domestic situations.

Blocks are machined to exact standards providing tightly interlocking joints on all edges, therefore each block is locked to its surrounding blocks to give maximum strength and stability.

Each block should be individually glued to the sub-floor in the desired pattern. Blocks are 20mm or 15mm in thickness with a 10mm wear layer above the tongue and groove.

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